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Hawthorn The Woodsman has been created from a light chocolate toothy German mohair. I have added definition to his face, paw/foot pads by airbrushing. Fully 5 way jointed with English glass eyes. Filled with glass sand for added weight.

Hawthorn stands 3" ~ 7.62cm

​Hawthorn is a charming wee bear ready to help the Moss people who live in the forest. He is wearing hand sewn oversized cream/brown speckled dungarees with tiny magic mushrooms! I have aged them to look very grubby. I have hand sewn them myself & gives the impression of bygone day teddy bears. His woodsman hat & neck scarf are deep wine in colour, a tiny rustic bell dangles from the top of his hat. Hawthorn's accessories include a hand made cart tea stained & an oak varnish finish, the cart was made by my husband. Hawthorn has been to the fairy Oakwood close to where I live. He has gathered from the ground oak, sycamore, rowan & spruce twigs to burn in his log cabin.

Hawthorn is truly a magical wee bear. But be wary of his Acorn staff, its full of tree sprite enchantment...


The Old Folly Bears


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The Old Folly Bears by Amanda Jayne. I like to design & create smaller bears around 3-5.5 inches, normally based on traditional/old timers in a whimsical way. I use the finest German mohair to recreate your first childhood teddy bear or a bear that your grandmother had in her childhood. My bears are filled with organic pellet or glass sand for added weight.

My bears are created to look vintage in style, some are even threadbare, they are designed to look like they’ve had many hugs & lots of love over the years. Each bear is hand stitched, I then add rustic embellishments like pendants or hand sewn clothing.

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