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We are delighted to introduce to you our Preview Bear for the Rustic or Rich Show. This delightful chap is Billy Bob Braces, a 5 1/2" bear who we hope you agree looks pretty rich in his gorgeous vibrant colours. His upper half is made from deep plum and gorgeous orange coloured South African mohair with a short, velvety, dense pile. His trousers are made from soft, curly, longer South African mohair in a lovely shade of pale turquoise and the three colours together look lovely. Billy Bob Braces has English glass eyes, contrasting ribbon braces, toning ultrasuede pads and paws, a turquoise stitched nose and a turquoise belly button. Plus we have filled him with steel shot and steel balls so he has a good weight for his small size. We do hope that you like him and thank you for your interest, Billy Bob Braces will be available to adopt when the show opens on Friday 23rd and we would love for you to visit our page again then to see who else is joining him in this great event!
Please note that as with all our bears, Billy Bob Braces is not a toy and is not suitable for children.


Haven Bears


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We are a husband and wife team, Steve and Alison Beal, and we have been making our "One of a Kind" bears for 17 years, full time since 2006. We are based in the beautiful rural county of Cheshire in the northwest of England. Our bears are quite traditional in style but we love to use a mixture of different colours and textures within our bears which can make them quite distinctive. They are all "one of a kind" made from our own patterns. Our bears vary in size from only 3 1/2" tall up to 21" tall, each one is five way jointed and they are made from the best quality mohair and alpaca. We also use gorgeous plush fur for our Haven Hares. Each of our bears has our trademark beaded H on it's left foot and a belly button. We like heavy bears and so even our smallest bears have a quantity of steel shot filling which gives them a nice feel and makes them sit well. This is our third appearance in the ebearshow and we are very excited to have been accepted again. We thank you for your interest in Haven Bears and hope that you like what you see here.
Our bears and hares are available to adopt any time from our website www.havenbears.co.uk and you can also see us on Instagram at havenbearsandhares.

Listings available for viewing in 6 days.